Stop Using a Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor is always a need of every parent. It helps them to take better care of their child. It is really a great device to stay connected to your little one while they sleep, in case of an emergency. With the advancements in technologies, baby monitors are now getting much more sophisticated and hyped among parents that encouraged them to keep using the devices. As we all know every gadget in the universe comes with some disadvantages, the Baby monitor is also one of them. Using a baby monitor is obsessed with every sound coming out of it. Some parents also check whether the baby monitor is working correctly or not. It may also lead to anxiety and sleep problems. This guide is all about “When to Stop Using Baby Monitor,” if you aren’t sure when you should stop using it.

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At what age should you stop using a baby monitor?

“When You Should Stop Using The Baby Monitor” is completely dependent upon you. There is no specific rule for that. In a reasonable condition, according to our research, we found that most of the parents will need the baby monitor until their child is of 1 year, but there are some who use the baby monitor with their 5 or 6-year-old child. However, the baby monitor isn’t a necessary thing, Our grandparents don’t have any baby monitor, but we are alive. Above all, you should use your baby monitor as long as they are fruitful to your family.

Besides, you need a baby monitor until your baby is loud enough. As I told you, there is no specific rule for it, you can stop using a baby monitor when your babies are around six years. However, you should stop using it especially at night because it might actually help you to get a better night’s sleep and also help your baby to develop healthy sleep habits.

According to some consultants, the parents should keep using the devices for more extended periods. Most of the parents use the monitors for years, which allow them to monitor their children continuously till their baby is old enough to sleep with less frequent night feeding; Every parent should stop himself from rushing to his/her room whenever the baby stirs. In some condition, Some babies can sleep up to 8 hours without feeding at three months, but others won’t do it until their first birthday. Most can sleep around nine or ten hours by six months.

Nonetheless, If you want the reassurance of hearing your baby’s breath, or you’re a heavy sleeper who might not listen to your child squawking otherwise, then in this condition, you can continue using it. Some parents find it’s natural to give up the monitor when their toddler’s ready for a big-kid bed.

Baby Monitors for Infants Up to 6 Months

Baby Monitor is specially designed to monitor your baby in order to protect his/her from any type of danger. The baby monitors allow parents to track their children quickly. The monitor also should use when something unusual is going there. The breathing of the newborn baby isn’t constant. They face a problem in breathing, sometimes the breathing pattern is distinctive, and sometimes baby suddenly stops breathing. In this condition, the baby monitor already the parents. If your baby has such type of problems, you must use the baby monitor with sensor pad till the first birthday.

When your baby doesn’t have any breathing problem, you can stop using it after the six months. The motive behind the baby monitor is to pick up on subtle clues, which can indicate a problem. When baby monitor makes sound, the parents have the option to respond and correct the issue. They don’t need to stay in the room with the baby or do frequent safety checks. In today’s world, the baby monitor with advance technology like audio, sophisticated models incorporate video, allows the parents to see when a child isn’t sleeping correctly or looks uncomfortable.

Should You Continue to Use Video Baby Monitors After One Year?

It is common to use a baby monitor till the first birthday of your child, till this age, your baby is old enough and also started sleeping peacefully every night.

In some condition, the baby is old enough to know a few words which help them to call out you if there is a problem or the baby is uncomfortable at night, this is the time to retire the baby monitor.

Most of the parents also continue to use as they transition the baby from a crib to a child bed. Always sleeping in a new bed can be scary and uncomfortable at first. The baby monitor enables you to respond quickly to cries, restlessness and even falls.

Moreover, you can also stop using the baby monitor when your toddler is ready for his grown-up bed. This is the best time to stop using the baby monitor. Literally, if your kid needs your help, he can come to see you in your room.

Babies start to sleep consistently when they are six months, and then you will need a monitor only in a few situations. When a baby grows, then most of the parents across the globe turn the volume down on the audio in order to notify only loud noises and excess movement.

Now you should allow babies to start to gain a feeling of independence because they are sleeping consistently and has less problem in the middle of the night. The more flexibility and peaceful a child is, the less they need the monitor.

Remember the baby monitor isn’t useless anytime. Of course, if you don’t use the monitor at night, you will find it handy at the time of nap when you’re outside or in another part of the house.

If You’re a Paranoid Parent

Some parents are conscientious. They wake up even with the little sound. If you are one of them, then you can stop using the baby monitor when your baby is more than six months old and sound enough to wake you up.

But if you are from those parents who not wake up at all, then you should volume up your baby monitor in order to protect your child from any danger. The baby monitor isn’t harmful to your baby in any condition.

Five Reasons to Stop Using Your Baby Monitor

1. Not All Noises Need Your Attention

Naturally, all the babies make some noise while asleep such as breathing, snorting, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, hiccuping, and more. But when your little one grows up, you only need the attention on the crying, in some condition, the baby cries at night because they are dreaming.

You should stop using the baby monitor all night when your baby is of 6 months. You won’t walk his/her up by going into the room. It is always challenging to put a child on sleep, and any parents don’t want to take the risk to disturb for their reassurance.

If you still want to monitor the baby, you can go with the Video Baby Monitor which has a feature of Night Vision that allows you to monitor the baby clearly at night.

2. Close Enough

Most of the time, the room of baby and parents are close enough to hear clearly through the wall. If your child is grown enough so you can listen to him/her without a monitor, then you can stop using the baby monitor. In the reasonable condition in the first 5 to 7 month, your baby is loud enough.

3. Lead to anxiety and sleep problems

Using a baby monitor is obsessed with every sound coming out of it. Some parents also check whether the baby monitor is working correctly or not.

In result, you sleep less and feel like it was never profoundly asleep. The only solution to this condition is to stop using the baby monitor and trust that your little one was loud enough to wake me when he/she needs.

In fact, it always makes sense to get rid of such things which cause more harm than good; It’s better to get rid of it.

4. Addictive

It is good to monitor your baby by using a baby monitor. It will increase the possibility to make sure your little one is safe without disturbing his/her sleep. But in some condition, it becomes addictive and parent always checking the child.

Just like scrolling through Instagram, the parents start to open the monitor to see the situation of the baby’s room. If these circumstances sound familiar, it will be better for you to stop using your baby monitor. As we tell you before, it is better to get rid of such things which cause more harm than good.

5. You will become a spy

The addition of monitoring your child with the help of a baby monitor will force you to become a spy. The curiosity becomes more when you have the video monitor. Many parents always want to see whether their baby is comforted or not; they also use the video monitor when they need to stop with audio monitor.

In result, they become fascinated by watching their kid on video monitor. It’s a way for us to see what a great job we are doing as parenting. You should stop using the monitor when there is no need for it.

Reasons Why Most of The Parents Use Monitor till Five Years

1. When kids are sick

Most parents prefer to use the baby monitor when their baby is sick, to monitor them whether they are comfortable or not. It becomes straightforward to fall back to sleep if we happen fast enough to clean their bed if they are sick. Seldom we can even catch them at the coughing stage and manage to get them to the bathroom before they vomit.

In this condition, you will need the baby monitor to know your baby has any problem.

2. At the evening when we have friends over

We always like to invite our close friends to dinner at night. All the time, those dinners last for a long time. When friends meet, they speak while music is played, it is very difficult to hear the sound of your child in that condition. So it is convenient to use the baby monitor when the friends are coming at night.

When your baby is with the caretaker at home, you can also see him/her with the help of the Wireless Baby Monitor. You can also talk with him/her with the help of talk-back features.

3. When we travel

While traveling the baby monitor helps us more than at home because you aren’t at your place and you don’t know the place you are staying is comfortable for your child or not.

Even we don’t know the configuration of the home we are staying at, and most importantly, we don’t want to go to bed at the same time as your little one. The baby monitor gives us the golden opportunity to enjoy more our short vacation. Literally, Travelling becomes more enjoyable and comfortable with the baby monitor.

Get Rid of The Monitor When Kids Become Teenagers

When you think your baby is now grown enough to call you, you can confidently stop using the baby monitor without any problem.

In our research, we found that most of the parents stop using the baby monitor when their babies are grown, but they still use in certain conditions like vacation and trips. There’s always a situation when they aren’t in parents sight, but they want to make sure their kids are safe. So, you must use your baby monitor as long as they are productive to your family.


As I told you, there is no specific rule for it, you can stop using a baby monitor when your babies are around six years. You should stop using it, especially at night because it might actually help you to get a better night’s sleep and also help your baby to develop healthy sleep habits.

In fact, it isn’t easy to decide when to stop using the baby monitor. If your child is sleeping and you are always nearby, you don’t need to use it after the first birthday. Most parents like to retire their baby monitor much later, often keeping them until their child is three years old. There is no unique answer to this question. You can probably turn off the baby monitor after six months.

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