Can Digital Baby Monitors Be Hacked

Do you think that Can Digital Baby Monitors Be Hacked? If you’re aware of current news, then you probably heard about the hacking of baby monitor signal, the hacker controlling the movement of a webcam, and talking to their babies in inappropriate languages?

But the situation is more alarming with the thought your child isn’t safe even in his/her room. And that’s right.

Please, don’t panic!

Hacking of baby monitors isn’t difficult for a hacker. But, you can make it difficult by taking some precautions. If you are using the Wi-Fi baby monitors, which are connected to the internet, then you can more easily be hacked.

We are going to aware you about all the facts related to baby monitor hacking and how hackers could potentially crack your baby monitor. We will also provide a checklist that will help you to be protected.

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Well! Can a baby monitor really be hacked?

The reality is that any baby monitor can be hacked; let’s understand about the possibility with different types of baby monitors:

1. Wi-Fi Monitors

Wi-Fi monitor is the most widely used baby monitor in the world because it is the most popular way to transmit the audio and video feed with your phones, laptops, tablets, and computers.

What’s more impressive about the Wi-Fi monitor is the unlimited range you can cover. It doesn’t matter where you are on the planet; you can check the real-time status of your baby over the internet; that’s here, hackers create a potential threat.

Literally, it is internet-connected devices that are the primary target for hackers. It opens the door to hackers anywhere in the world to potentially hack your device or crack your password. It is the real threat that you wouldn’t want to create in your baby’s bedroom.

All in all, this is the least secure option that we don’t recommend, but they are pretty more secure than the Analog one. However, it isn’t so easy to hack Wi-Fi monitor if you are using the encrypted Wi-Fi network.

2. Analog Monitors

The analog monitor is the less expensive type of baby monitors, and only because of its low price most of the parents prefer to go with this. When it comes to technology, Analog monitors work of the same technique, which is used in radio, over the air TV signal, and glorified Walkie- Talkies.

Because of this technology, there is no need for complicated software. However, here, the signal is pretty much open for talking to anyone who can figure out what frequency the monitor is working.

The only upside of using the analog monitors is the hacker can able to listen in or see the video, but they can’t be able to access any of your personal information, and they can’t control the camera (Downside which is considered as the upside).

3. Digital Monitors

Digital monitors work on the special digitally encrypted frequency to transmit audio and video feed, and some of the flagship digital monitors models also use the FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology to avoid accidental eavesdropping. FHSS regularly changes the frequency of the signal randomly, which makes it harder to track or hack.

It is the most secure baby monitor to choose because nobody can spy on you, even if somebody is using the same wireless device as you. However, it isn’t a full-proof technology.

Besides, some models of the digital monitors also come with the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) technology to avoid inconvenient interferences coming through other wireless devices operating on the same frequency. Again, it isn’t 100% hack-proof technology, but this is the safest choice overall (especially from a known brand with a good security track record).

Finally, a digital baby monitor has a limited range, similar to the analog monitor, that prevents hackers from catching the signal.

How can your baby monitor be hacked?

1. Hidden Accounts

Hidden account means the account which is not in use but exists in the baby monitors; the hackers can use this type of account to spy on your kid.

However, the hidden account is intended only for administration or support. The hackers can easily access it, give the intruder back door access to the camera.

2. Default Passwords & No Encryption

Whenever you buy a baby monitor, it has the default login id and password; you have to change it, but most of the time, people start to use it with a default password, and this will be the opportunity for the hackers. They can easily log in and can easily spy on your baby.

Moreover, always go with the monitor who uses the encryption to transmit the audio and video, encryption makes it more difficult to hack, and also check the default password with a newer one.

We can’t think like professional hackers, but if you take some precautions, then you can make their job more difficult. Always purchase the monitor from trusted and well-known brands, do not go with the cheap one, and prefer to use the encrypted Wi-Fi.

Why would someone hack your baby monitor & what are the risk factors?

Mostly the people hack the baby monitor because of the following reasons:

  • Sometimes hackers hack your baby monitors to inspect into families, know about your personal life like the spy. They watch your daily routine and wait for the right moment to attack. It is a crime; you can also complain to the police if you notice such activity.
  • Professional criminals to check when you are not in your home, and at the same time, they try to steal some valuables and any personal information like your online banking or email passwords. They could even blackmail you.
  • A friend can do as the prank; they use the talk-back option in your baby monitor to wake up your baby in the middle of the night. There are tones of stories you can find over the internet.

Checklist: How To Prevent Baby Monitor Hacking?

Nothing is more precious to a parent than their little one, and so their safety concern! Every parent tries their best to ensure their baby feels safe and secure 24×7.

These are some simple steps that you can take to prevent baby monitors from being hacked. Just go through our checklist!

1. Always stay updated, regularly update the monitor software and app

The software developer updates the software mostly to fix the bug to prevent hacking. So, it is important to update your baby monitor software or app. It helps you to protect yourself for the potential security holes which are exposing you to possible hacking.

Mostly the cheap baby monitor manufacturer will not release the update in a long time, even some of them will not update their software in entire life. This is a bad sign; we will recommend you to stay away from such type of baby monitor. These monitors could be unsafe for your family.

In addition to that, if you are not getting the update, then you can contact the manufacturer, some of the brands ask you to register the monitor online to get the latest update by email.

2. Update your router software and firmware

People forget to update the router software and firmware mostly because, according to them, it is not so important; by not updating the personal router software, you are allowing the local network vulnerable to hackers. We will recommend you to update your software and firmware regularly. Updating the software and firmware will be the only and perfect solution to stay updated on the latest security threat.

3. Use strong password & unique ID

When you purchase the new monitor, it has its default ID and password, you have to change this password to protect your privacy, most of the people forgot to do it, or because of lack of technical knowledge, they are unable to change it. By changing both the ID and password, you are making their task more difficult.

We also recommend you not to use the same ID and password across all your devices or personal account as most of the people using the same password everywhere. In this condition, once the hacker will know about your master password, he can easily access all your accounts:

  • You can use the password manager if you don’t want to memorize lots of passwords.
  • Your password should be the combination of letters, numbers, and unique characters such as (HsG7g%8) and more than a minimum of 6 characters.
  • Please don’t use your phone numbers, name, family members name, or such standard information as the password; it will increase the risk of getting hacked.  

4. Allow access only via your local Wi-Fi network, not the internet!

If you can, then we recommend you to set your monitor to operate via your local Wi-Fi network. When you are only using the local system, it will be difficult for any hacker to hack your monitor.

5. Enable remote access only if you need to

It will be easy to hack your device if it is connected to the internet. By disabling the remote access, you are going to improve the level of safety of your monitor significantly. If you are on the trip, then you can enable it temporarily. This little step will increase your security.

6. Should change the default camera access port

It is better to change the default password of the baby monitor to increase the security of the connection between your baby monitor. For additional protection, we will recommend you to change the default camera access port; it usually should be at 80 we will advise you to modify it to anything over 8000. Some flagship monitor also allows you to monitor who is connected with your monitor and history of connexion; with this, you can easily track the activity.

7. Always use the encrypted router

We always suggest you use the encrypted router. There are mainly three methods to data encryption, such as wired equivalency protection (WEP), Wi-Fi protected access (WPA), and Wi-Fi protected access 2 (WPA2). The technology has significantly improved over the years.

We suggest you go with the WPA2, which is the possible safest method available. To be protected with WPA2, you need to update to WPA2 manually. If you don’t know how to update the router, then you can open the user manual or search it online. It is better to turn off the baby monitor when not in use; It will significantly reduce the risk of being hacked.

8. Unable Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)

Dynamic Domain Name System is mostly used for support purposes, but it can also be a backdoor used by hackers. You have to enable this function in the future only when you need remote assistance, otherwise not in any conditions. The DDNS maps internet domain names to your IP addresses. It makes your device accessible from anywhere on the planet.

9. Enable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)

UPnP is the technology used to make your device visible on your local network. If you disable such functionality, your monitor becomes inaccessible by hackers. It can also discontinue the data sharing between your monitor and your smartphone app.

Which Baby Monitor Can’t Be Hacked?

Almost all the baby monitor can be hacked. To minimize the potential risk, you must have to follow some instructions. We suggest you avoid the below features of the baby monitor:

1. Analog monitors

Analog monitors work based on the same technology similar to the radio, over the air TV, and walkie talkies. Anyone can spy into your feed if they can figure out what frequency your monitor is using.

However, most of the people prefer to go with analog monitors because they are less expensive, but in terms of hackability, we would probably stay away. Besides, it is a perfect option for whom who worried about the emission of wireless signal around their little one because the analog monitors fall in the less emission category.

2. Too many fancy bells and whistles

Usually, the parents prefer to go with the baby monitors that have inbuilt entertaining features, such as those baby monitors, which can play music from a library of lullabies.

In simple words, lots of features mean more complicated software to power those functions; this complicated software will be an additional possible failure point that a hacker could use to break into your network.

We will not suggest you go with such monitors, especially when you are purchasing the Wi-Fi monitors.

3. Known vulnerabilities

We suggest you go with the baby monitor, which is indicated by the expert, or do your proper research at the time of purchasing, or know about the vulnerabilities of the model you’re considering.

However, it is wise to avoid buying an easily hackable baby monitor that is the best way to stop hacking. D-Link, Wi-Fi Baby, and Summer Infant have all been named in vulnerability lawsuits, but in their newer models, most of the things are fixed.

Additionally, if we talk about the safest baby monitor in the market, then we aren’t sure that is there any device in the market which is entirely unhackable. But, we suggest you go with the monitor which has:

  • Frequency hopping technology (FHSS) like digital monitors.
  • Buy monitors from a known and trusted brand across the globe.
  • You can also go with Wi-Fi monitors because they are pretty safe.

Above all, if you are unable to find a safe baby monitor for yourself, then discuss with the expert or explore our blog, you should be in the god hands. Hackers always try to find the easily hackable monitors; you should own one, which will be the pain for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can analog baby monitors be hacked?

Analog baby monitors work using the same technology that power the radio and TV signals; in other words, it is just the glorified walkie talkies. It works in the same frequency as radio (49 MHz or 900 MHz) to transmit.

The signal of those monitors is pretty much open for talking to anyone who can figure out what frequency you’re using. Analog monitors are the least secure baby monitor.

In analog wireless devices, it is common to interfere with each other, and because of that, the analog baby monitor gives you the ability to switch between two channels. When it comes to hacking, this is the most straightforward way to spy on; anyone can spy on with another analog monitor by a walk around your home. In simple words, the hackers can easily hack the analog baby monitors.

2. Can a Wi-Fi baby monitor be hacked?

Wi-Fi monitors are the most used and widely preferred baby monitor because of their cool features. It allows you more convenience of checking the audio and video feed on your phones, laptops, or computers, etc. than any other type of baby monitor. No matter where you are on the earth, you can check the real-time status of your little one over the internet.

What’s cool about Wi-Fi monitors is they come with the varieties of cool bells and whistles feature but, when it comes to security, those monitors with cool bells and whistles are quite vulnerable to attacks because of complicated software.

However, they are a little more secure than the Analog one, but if your network gets hacked, then the hacker can also access all the other devices in your home connected to the same network.

Sometimes the Wi-Fi network is secure enough if you are using the encrypted Wi-Fi, but there are vulnerabilities in the software of the baby monitor. In such a condition, monitor software will be the gateway to transmit the data.

3. Can a non-WiFi baby monitor be hacked?

It is very easy to hack the Wi-Fi monitor because it is connected to the internet. But, the baby monitor without the Wi-Fi can also be hacked if you did not take the necessary precaution.

A non-wifi baby monitor needs proximity between the monitor and the hacker. It might be possible that someone baby monitor transmission can accidentally catch you if you live in the city, and the hacker can take benefit of it easily.

4. Is it secure to use a baby monitor?

Yes, it is entirely secure to use the baby monitor. But, you should take some precautions to be protected from hackers. Don’t purchase the device without the proper research, and before buying, analyze all the vulnerabilities. If you are worried about your security, then we recommend you not to go with the analog monitor because they are straightforward to hack. Overall, creating a unique ID with a strong password and regularly update your monitor software can secure the baby monitor to some extent.

5. Should I be concerned with my privacy?

Obviously, as a parent, nothing is more precious than our children’s security and privacy. It’s our duty to protect them from any threat. Since children are the most vulnerable, we willingly couldn’t take any chance.

6. Should I go for an analog or digital monitor?

Both the monitors are perfect and have their own set of pros and cons. Talking about the analog monitor, they are less expensive but not secure.

As you all know, the analog monitors work on the same technology used on the radio, and because of that, anyone can easily hack you. When the analog monitor gets hacked, the hacker can monitor you but can’t control anything; they can’t change the camera view.

On the other hand, a digital monitor works on the principle of digitally encrypted frequency (FHSS or DECT) that has a high level of security, which makes it harder to hack. We highly recommend you to go with the digital monitor; they are the best secure baby monitor.


All types of baby monitors can be hacked with different methods, but it isn’t so easy. You can make their task more difficult with some of the precautions. We recommend you not to go with the analog monitor when it comes to safety because this type of baby monitor can be hacked very quickly.

Last but not the least, it’s almost impossible to know your monitor is 100% hack-proof or not, but implementing all the checklist above will undoubtedly help you to prevent your baby monitor from being hacked.

We hope the article “Can Digital Baby Monitors Be Hacked?” has been informative for you. Stay connected with us to learn more!!