Best Baby Monitor Under $200

Are you in search of the best baby monitor under $200?

But, why do you need the baby monitor? To know, read the full article.

Are you a parent of twins or multiple?

Or, are you worried about how to keep tabs on your little one at all times?

Or, are you busy doing your things and want to monitor your baby while working?

No need to worry at all now!!!

You need the baby monitor to tackle all these problems. Frankly speaking, it is almost impossible for parents to stay with their baby at all times, but the baby monitor helps you to be in touch with your baby every single bit of seconds.

The baby monitor assists the parents to watch their baby for the entire day from any preferred location within a range. The device makes parenting very easy, and your daily work productive as well. It acts as extra eyes while attending the various house chores.

Moreover, without disturbing their sleep, you can easily keep an eye on them.

Of all, the most popular feature of a baby monitor is to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Baby breathing monitor continuously tracks your baby’s pulse rate, heart rate, and oxygen level in real-time. If there is any problem, a monitor sounds an alarm to alert you.

Apart from your baby’s movement detection, it can offer numerous other features as well. A few of them like baby’s room environmental conditions, pressure, humidity, and temperature alert. In this way, parents can immediately respond to include additional blanket in case of temperature drop.

In this article, we will not only take a look at the best baby monitors under $200 but also at the essential aspects that need to be considered while buying one of these products.

Let’s dive in.

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Quick Comparison Table

ImageBaby MonitorFeaturesBuy Now
1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby MonitorTypes – Video
Transmission – 2.4GHz FHSS
Range – 700 feet
Screen Size – 3.5″ Color LCD Display
Battery Life – 10 hours (Rechargeable battery)
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2. VAVA Video Baby MonitorsTypes – Video
Transmission – 2.4GHz FHSS
Range – 900 feet
Screen Size –5″ 720P IPS display
Battery Life – 24 hours (Rechargeable battery)
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3. GoodBaby (SM35PTZ) Video Baby MonitorTypes – Video
Transmission – 2.4GHz Digital Wireless
Range – 960 feet
Screen Size – 3.5″ Color LCD Display
Battery Life – 12 hours (Battery Powered)
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4. GOODBABY (DY720) Portable Video Baby MonitorTypes – Video
Transmission – 2.4GHz Digital Wireless
Range – 960 feet
Screen Size – 5″ 720P HD display
Battery Life – 12 hours (Rechargeable battery)
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5. Babysense Video Baby MonitorTypes – Video
Transmission – 2.4GHz FHSS
Range – 900 feet
Screen Size – 2.4″ HD LCD Display
Battery Life – Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
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6. Hellobaby Video Baby Monitor HB32Types – Video
Transmission – 2.4GHz FHSS
Range – 960 feet
Screen Size – 3.2″ Color LCD Display
Battery Life – Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
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Best Baby Monitors Under $200 (Quick Reviews)

1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor is the best screen monitor that offers an outstanding balance between size, weight, video, and audio performance. It is the first baby monitor having an extraordinary feature of Interchangeable Optical Lens.

What’s cool about the device is that it provides the option for swiveling the camera for access. You can zoom in or out of the camera settings for easy monitoring. It saves your time and space by using different camera lens based on the room’s different angles. That’s why it is the best video baby monitor for twins.

Moreover, this stand-alone product doesn’t require a smartphone app or Wi-Fi to utilize its functions that means the audio and video feed is transmitted to only one monitor unit. That’s why it is entirely safe from hackers. Plus, 2.4GHz with FHSS technology provides a secure and private connection, i.e., nobody can hack as well as watch you (100% digital privacy).

This unit is enhanced with privacy & excellent security, where video & audio will never pass through the internet. It offers a long-lasting battery life with 8 hours continuous live screen and 12-hours for audio-only option.

Key Features:

  • Secure connection using 2.4GHz FHSS wireless transmission
  • The alarm function, two-way talk-back features are included
  • Product Dimension: 165cm x 34cm x 49cm
  • Weight: 907gms
  • This unit requires one number of Lithium Polymer battery
  • Scan Mode will allow using the expandable camera feature
  • Plug & play feature
  • It includes a remote for zoom, tilt, or pan
  • Interchangeable optical lens


  • Night mode utilization
  • Adjustable settings
  • Room temperature display
  • Intuitive interface & Power-saving mode
  • True zoom capability
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Sound activated LED bar


  • Expensive product
  • No portable
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Maximum range is only 700 feet

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2. VAVA Video Baby Monitors

VAVA Video Baby monitor provides parents with great peace of mind, offering 5” large-size 720p resolution IPS display to get a more detailed view than other baby monitors at affordable pricing. The high-resolution display enables you to monitor all the delicate movements to the softest breathing of your baby clearly.

With 7-Level Sound Volume & LED Indicators, you can easily monitor audio and video feed in real-time. The device can quickly awaken parents who are heavy sleepers.

Moreover, the device includes various features like sun-activated LED lights, pre-programmed lullabies, an in-built nightlight, two-way audio communication, and room temperature alert.

Apart from that, there are few other features to make this baby monitor an exceptional product in the market like adjustable volume, out-of-range indicator, low battery indicator, and infrared night vision, etc.

Also, the smooth wireless connection ranges from 480 feet up to a maximum of 900 feet always keep your little one to be connected no matter where you are in your house within a range. It is the video baby monitor having long-range.

Key Features:

  • Effortless monitoring
  • Enhanced Transmission range: 480 feet to 900 feet
  • Large rechargeable battery with 4500mAh capacity
  • Automatic Night vision, two-way audio communication, room temperature monitoring, zoom function (4x & 2x), and Auto-pilot icon
  • Real-time video & audio monitoring
  • 5” large-size 720p resolution IPS display to watch day & night movements
  • Auto-pilot & panoramic mode to view the baby’s nursery at 4x or 2x zoom
  • External thermostat for LED noise indicator


  • Great sound sensitivity
  • Impressive battery life (12hrs audio-only mode and 24hrs display mode)
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Panoramic  wide-angle viewing mode
  • 720p high clarity display
  • Connect up to 4 cameras


  • Night vision mode is not useful
  • Doesn’t support any app
  • No Wi-Fi

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3. GoodBaby (SM35PTZ) Video Baby Monitor

GoodBaby (SM35PTZ) Video baby monitor includes high-quality monitoring technology and gain better user experience & peace of mind. The parent unit is portable and allows you to speak, view, or hear your baby without any issues. Two-way audio communication will make your baby comfortable to hear your voice. This baby monitor is created with “out of design” and fulfills the entire modern parents’ requirements.

Moreover, the device offers 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Transmission ensures no one can hack and connect into your Wi-Fi to monitor your baby. This new technology protects your privacy as well as your baby’s safety.

GoodBaby SM35PTZ is another essential parenting tool to deliver relentless development. The 1200mAh long-lasting battery and large-size 3.5” screen can showcase an unprecedented clarity.

Key Features:

  • The remote camera includes other functions like Zoom, Tilt, & Pan
  • You can save 50% battery by using the Audio-only Mode & Screen Off feature
  • Multi-Camera feature expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Better portability with the help of its sleek, compact design
  • Remote Room temperature display
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Alarm function
  • Invisible infrared night vision


  • Two-way audio communication
  • Camera base will not include any distracting light
  • Affordable pricing
  • The optimal image could be away from 6 feet
  • It offers optimal and high image
  • Exceptional range coverage (960 ft)


  • The Camera will not rotate as desired

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4. GoodBaby (DY720) Portable  Video Baby Monitor

There are numerous video baby monitors available across the marketplace, and it is not easier to choose the perfect one. GoodBaby Portable (DY270) Video Baby monitor is one of the most popular monitors to offer numerous features and functionalities. This will make your searching choice much easier to utilize an ideal unit.

Parents are allowed to watch their kid while playing in the bedroom or sleeping in the nursery using this high-end baby monitor. The large-size 5-inches LCD display, room temperature control, night vision, and clear audio are the best features of this unit. The wide-range monitor will allow you to monitor your baby with a crisp HD image.

Moreover, the device has a powerful high-capacity (2000mAh) long-lasting rechargeable battery that lasts for 5hrs in display mode, and 12hrs with the display turned off to monitor the baby at any time. It offers you freedom from frequent charging. This video baby monitor is perfect for travel or camping.

Key Features:

  • Sound Detection
  • Night Vision
  • Feeding reminder
  • Room Temperature Display
  • Voice Detection
  • Long transmission range (960ft)
  • Multi-Camera feature expandable up to 4 cameras
  • Handheld display of HD 5-inches 720p resolution


  • 2X Digital Zoom
  • Multi-Camera feature expandable to 4 cameras
  • Reminder for feeding the baby through the parent unit
  • 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Transmission
  • Long-lasting Battery


  • Doesn’t support any app

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5. Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Babysense baby monitor is another affordable pricing unit for parents to watch their child’s movement from anywhere. This product is enhanced with 2.4GHz FHSS technology ensuring a secure and private connection with your baby at all times and also offers you crystal clear sound quality.

The high-quality LCD display of 2.4” HD Color feature allows us to watch sleeping or playing position at all times with clarity.

Babysense product offers numerous features like room temperature display, auto infrared night vision, and two-way audio communication. A few others like battery level indicator, low & high-temperature alarm, and sound-activated LED indicator.

Moreover, within the open space, the range can cover up to a maximum of 900 feet. The device doesn’t need Wi-Fi to be connected with the baby unit. So, there are no risks of hacking, and you can freely move in your house or backyard with so much range. Even, users can hear a beep sound on the parent unit once they go out of range.

The ECO mode, a sound-activated power saving mode, is another the best feature to turn off the screen when not in use. Upon sound detection, you can view the video and light on the parent unit.

Key Features:

  • Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Auto Infrared Night vision
  • It offers in-built lullabies
  • LCD Display: 2.4” HD (High Definition) Color
  • Low Battery warning
  • This product has a Timer or Alarm setting
  • It is activated with ECO Mode Voice


  • Automatically detect low or dim light using the infrared night vision feature
  • Multi-Camera feature expandable to 4 cameras
  • Fully secured connection using the 2.4 GHz Digital wireless video
  • Users are allowed to adjust or modify the volume & brightness
  • Pre-programmed lullabies
  • Long battery life & Eco Mode


  • Not intuitive controls
  • Don’t support app

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6. Hellobaby HB32 Video Baby Monitor

Hellobaby HB32 Video Baby monitor is another wireless remote model that is attractive and unique from its competitors. The long-lasting battery life offers to work VOX (Power-saving mode) for12 hours and full blast screen access for 8 hours. VOX mode is also known as power-saving mode and enabled with sound.

The night vision option is available in black & white and provides a super clear video sound. You can connect this baby monitor to 2.4 GHz network connection from preventing the signal dropout issues.

What’s more, this product’s central unit is connected with 4 different cameras and also configured for different directions & angles. It is a reliable option to use at different stages. Your baby’s room temperature will be analyzed by the wireless remote baby monitor to know whether it is hot or cold.

The plug & play is another best feature available with this product and doesn’t require any installation to use. The receiver on the monitor has an LCD display to indicate the baby’s movement.

Key Features:

  • Parents can easily carry this product due to its lightweight design
  • This wireless remote baby monitor comes with affordable pricing
  • Audio-only mode and Screen-off are other effective features of this product
  • Temperature sensor includes a temperature warning, monitoring, and transmitter
  • This unit is secure and reliable from interference
  • This product offers 8 different levels of alarms
  • Impressive 360-degree viewing options
  • Room temperature monitoring sensor
  • Sound-activated LED indicator
  • TWO-WAY TALK-BACK feature
  • 2x Digital zoom
  • Optical tilt and pan
  • Lullabies playing feature


  • Room temperature control
  • Enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS Technology
  • The freedom of movement of camera setting
  • Multi-camera expandability
  • Long-range up to 960 feet (OPEN SPACE)
  • Zoom modes & 2X digital zoom
  • Affordable pricing


  • This product works only using a Lithium battery
  • Not supports any app and wi-fi

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Features to consider while buying a Baby Monitor under $200

There are various features that you need to take into account while getting the best baby monitor. Below are some guidelines:

Screen Size

The Screen size should be large enough to view your baby’s entire sleeping position. Ensure that the baby monitor unit is not susceptible to interference while living in urban areas or an apartment.

The screen size of the baby monitors is commonly measured only in inches. The latest baby monitor units will showcase in 5” screen size that is above 12cm to view.


Make use of the camera option to tilt or pan by using your parent unit remotely. It will assist in repositioning to look or view your baby in a cot or crib.

Apart from that, you can easily mount the unit using a nail or wall hook. Other available features are wide-angle lens and zoom options. Also, you should go with the baby monitor, which has the camera expandability.

Range and Signal

You need to choose the baby monitor that is capable of transmitting strong signals through thick apartment walls. It will assist with your gardening work at your backyard.

Otherwise, the limited range stops you from moving and stand at particular locations in the house. Most of the baby monitors will range from 600 feet up to a maximum of 900 feet. You can roam anywhere across the home and still connect with your baby’s transmitter.

Two-way Communication

Another essential feature to consider while buying the best baby monitor unit is two-way audio communication. This feature will allow you to sing lullabies and talk with your baby’s remotely in case he/she is in trouble and thus soothe your little one.

Night Vision

Most of the video or audio monitors offer the features of night vision or infrared light. It is possible to view your baby even while sleeping in the darkroom. Night light features from the audio monitors can activate the nursery unit from the receiver.

Apart from that, the other valuable features are nature sounds or activate music to soothe your child and adjustable brightness.

Security Feature

Instead of using the internet, most of the technological advancements available in the baby monitor have to utilize the in-built features. The best baby monitor will never transmit or share images & videos through the internet.

It is a risk that some hackers can hack the baby monitor. They can leak your child’s audios, videos, or images through social media networks. Ensure that your baby monitor can offer safe & secure transmission.


Your baby monitor should have the ability to survive numerous drops for your children to be curious. While planning for the baby monitor replacement, you need to avoid paying for extra money.

Battery Life

You must choose the baby monitor that can offer long-lasting battery life. It is quite acceptable to get 18 hours of battery life. Apart from a good battery life, the unit should include an interchangeable battery.

A few models will feature a notification if the battery level is low. It is possible to plug in the unit and continue to monitor your child.


The baby monitor should have the option to store the entire live stream without overwriting the earlier videos. This could be inconvenient for the users. Some models will offer access to the Cloud storage for avoiding the corruption of files.

Ease of Use

A baby monitor must be much easier to use and also install without any hassle. Some companies will offer a manual installation process along with a 24-hour support system. However, the unit will not cover under guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are video baby monitors worth it?

The video baby monitor will save the tired parent instead of running into the nursery to check the baby. Sometimes, the baby may make noise and stir while sleeping. The baby monitor will assist in prompting the parents to check their babies while hearing some sound.

It is also possible to check the screen a glance before visiting the baby’s room. Parents can get enough sleep by using this quality video monitor to travel with the best system.

2. Can Bluetooth baby monitors be hacked?

Most of the smart devices will access the internet using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. In some manner, it is more convenient and makes it easier for your life. The entire home hubs, the integrated assistants, and smart speakers are within this category. Each room within the house, such as the basement, bedroom, kitchen, or garage, is connected to the internet.

However, you need to ensure that the Wi-Fi enabled or Bluetooth gadgets are enabled with the feature “Password Protection.” It will block access to any unauthorized devices.

3. How do I know if my baby monitor is being hacked?

Baby monitors connected through the internet are easier for hackers to gain access to talk or watch your baby. Enhancement of wireless connections will increase the attacking risk of digital predators.

Some users never knew that this unit would perform similarly to a computer. Some of the innocent will never consider the baby monitor for making their families and homes at risk.

4. Can you connect infant optics to the phone?

The Infant Optics baby monitor is another best video solution to perform well across numerous measurable categories. The solid build, along with the other features are useful from the time of opening the package box.

This baby monitor includes a larger screen and also performs well with an Android or iPhone device. You can just connect the app to work on it. However, you should purchase the Infant Optics units above $200 to utilize this feature and other requirements.

5. How can I boost my baby’s monitor signal?

Generally, the baby monitor is fully equipped to offer frequency signals of 900MHz. In case if you prefer to enhance the unit’s signal, then make use of a power booster.

Make use of the power booster for connecting the transmitter antenna. It is advisable to make the necessary changes in your firewall to allow connection for performing well.

Final Thoughts

The baby monitor is another most essential parenting tool that helps to reduce the burden. If you are soon to be mummy or be a new parent, picking out the best baby monitor with so many options available on the market, is a little bit confusing yet a tedious task.

But, you don’t need to be worried. We have done thorough research for you.

However, one thing’s sure: whichever monitor you decide to pick out, it’s ultimately going to make both you and your baby live convenient and comfortable.

Above all, the baby’s security is one of the core features required by each parent.

So, our top choice among the best baby monitor under $200 is, undoubtedly, Infant Optics DXR-8 video baby monitor. High-quality monitoring technology and better user experience make it the top choice for the users.

Do let me know which one of the baby monitors did you pick out?

I hope this article has been helpful to you in selecting the best affordable baby monitor. If it is so, don’t forget to share it, because it just might help someone else out as well.

Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section.

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