Baby Monitor With Best Range 2021

The baby monitor with best range offers more confidence to parents and make them get closer to their little one.

But what if you are busy in your office or the kitchen or far away from home?

Relax, there is a solution!!!

The long range baby monitors, with its remarkable features, could be useful even if you are away from your lovable baby.

Here, in this article, we will take you through to get the “Best long range baby monitor.”

You don’t need to search thousands of online stores, watching YouTube videos, or reading reviews to find the right one.

All you need to do just read the reviews from the very beginning.

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It is a tough task to find a baby monitor with a long-distance range. But, as per our thorough research, you can find below the top-most baby monitors with the best range.

There are numerous models available across the online marketplace that can offer distance coverage around 1000+ feet. But, it is advisable to view the complaints and customer reviews to understand the product.

So, let’s dive into it !!!

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Why Should You Choose Long Range Baby Monitors?

Having a baby monitor with best range offers a multiple of advantages, these are:

  • Long-range devices are much better for some people living across the wide-open areas and are required to use them.
  • Watch and stay active with your child; these long-range monitors can deliver the best monitoring method.
  • Without the range restriction or limitation, it can perform more work.
  • These products will deliver reliability and assurance.
  • It is not required to stay or stand within the coverage area or range. Make use of these long-distance baby monitors and move freely without hesitation.
  • A baby monitor with long range is perfect and assists in managing your kid from any room.
  • No tension to check your baby again and again.
  • It is possible to hear and view your baby’s sound and movements easily, no matter where you are.

Quick Comparison Table

ImageBaby MonitorFeaturesBuy Now
1. Nanit Plus – Smart Baby MonitorTypes –  Video
Transmission –  Wi-Fi
Range –  Unlimited
Screen Size –  Cell phone
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2. Victure PC420A Baby MonitorTypes –  Video
Transmission –  2.4G WiFi
Range –  Unlimited
Screen Size –  IOS & Android
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3. eufy Security- Video Baby MonitorTypes –  Video
Transmission –  FHSS, do not support 2.4GHz wifi
Range –  1000 feet
Screen Size –  5″ Color LCD Display
Buy Now
4. Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor SCD501/10Types –  Audio
Transmission –  DECT
Range –  300 meters
Screen Size –  NA (audio only)
Buy Now
5. Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor SCD720/86Types –  Audio
Transmission –  DECT
Range –  1000 feet
Screen Size –  NA (audio only)
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6. VTech DM1111, Digital Audio Baby MonitorTypes –  Audio
Transmission –  DECT 6.0
Range –  1500 feet
Screen Size –  NA (audio only)
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Best Long Range Baby Monitors 2021 (Quick Reviews)

1. Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit Plus-Smart Baby Monitor is the best device to monitor your baby and get an immediate notice on any changes. It provides a video recap on each morning of your baby’s sleep.

Moreover, the Nanit Plus can track your baby’s breathing pattern in real-time by just adding “Breathing Wear” and send you alert in your mobile app instantly. It is sensor free Breathing Motion Monitor.

Make use of the available Nanit App for singing a song or speak with your child. HD Camera and the baby monitor works perfectly on a Wi-Fi (wireless) network even during the latency period. It is the best long range video baby monitor with Wi-Fi.

Key Features:

  • This is one of the best Wireless (Wi-Fi) Baby Monitor available across the online marketplace
  • Connect with the internet network easily by using the wireless feature
  • Two-way audio communication with your baby even from any room using your mobile phone
  • You can view the HD video and real-time sound of your baby
  • Quickly identify the insights of your baby’s sleeping changes
  • Review your baby’s room conditions and sleep pattern


  • Android app can easily track your babies movements
  • The perfect vantage point to watch or monitor your sleeping baby
  • A Baby monitor with advance features
  • Beautifully designed night light
  • Parents can easily view the entire cot or crib
  • Very sleek design


  • Expensive product

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2. Victure PC420A Baby Monitor

Victure Indoor Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi camera will assist you to watch your pet, baby, or house. It is possible to monitor even if you are not at home. This unit can offer enough security to your loved one and you. It is the best indoor long range baby monitor.

IPC360 App will monitor the entire movements and send notifications using the Wi-Fi camera to your smartphone. Make use of the 2-way audio communication feature to speak with your child is incomparable.

Key Features:

  • Motion Detection, Night Vision, 2-way audio communication, & Anti-noise
  • Switch automatically to IR-CUT Filter (Night Vision)
  • Infrared range: 914 cm
  • App available for both Android & iOS
  • Victure Indoor Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi camera
  • Nanny, Pet, or Baby monitor
  • Wi-Fi (Wireless) connection
  • SD Card or Cloud Storage


  • Baby crying detection
  • Automatic night vision
  • Excellent quality
  • Affordable pricing
  • It is much easier to set-up and uses


  • Public Wi-Fi & 5G connections are not supported

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3. Eufy Security- Video Baby Monitor

Eufy Spaceview Security Video Baby Monitor is a newcomer to showcase with remarkable features across the other products. When compared with the Infant Optics DXR-8 unit, this baby monitor will offer numerous functionalities and features to use. It is the best baby monitor for multiples.

Video quality is very sharp with the help of 5” HD screen and 720-pixel high resolution to view more detail on this monitor. Tilt, pan, and great zoom are extraordinary features on this last detail.

Key Features:

  • It allows users to view from different angles
  • Easy switching between wide-angle to standard view
  • Your footage will be secure & private
  • Crisp and easier two-way communication audio to speak directly with your baby
  • Tilt or pan the lens up to 330° to view ceiling to flooring
  • Rechargeable battery with high-capacity 2900mAh to work for 15-hours continuous monitoring
  • You can connect numerous cameras to the unit
  • Automatically cycle between each camera to cover the baby’s movement and environment


  • Video monitor with larger 720p HD resolution
  • Sound-detection alerts are configurable
  • Easy switching between wide-angle to standard view
  • Mechanical tilt & pan
  • Good range capability
  • Sharp HD (High Definition) image quality


  • No motion detection & lack recording capabilities

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4. Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor SCD501/10

Philips AVENT SCD501/10 Baby monitor will offer parents with ultimate peace of mind. The best matter is that DECT technology guarantees zero interference from various other transmitting devices such as cell phones, cordless phones, etc. This unit provides crystal clear and high-quality sound and can easily hear the baby’s sound anytime.

The effective two-way audio communication will let you speak with your child whenever required.

Moreover, the sound-activated 5 LED lights will alert the parent about the baby’s noise level, even if the parent unit has no sound. Philips SCD501 unit has a range coverage up to a maximum of 300 meters (outdoors) and 50 meters (indoor) to easily roam across the house.

AA batteries are not included; the parent unit is required to use battery-powered or outlet.

Key Features:

  • Signify sound using 5 LED lights
  • Effective power utilization with Smart ECO mode
  • It doesn’t include AA batteries, and the parent unit is required to use battery-powered or power outlet
  • Either plug-in the parent unit (1.2-volt R6 AA rechargeable batteries) or add batteries for cordless use (1.5-volt R6 AA alkaline non-rechargeable batteries)
  • The range covers up to a maximum of 300 meters
  • No disturbance with an assurance of DECT innovation technology
  • Convenience Night Light
  • The parent unit will alert when power is low or if you are out of range.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Crisp & clear sound
  • Decent range up to 300 meters
  • It is much easier to use
  • Out of range and low-power alert.
  • Long battery life up to 24 hours


  • Average range & limited features
  • The room temperature sensor is not available
  • Lullabies feature unavailable
  • The Video monitoring feature is not available

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5. Philips AVENT DECT Audio Baby Monitor SCD720/86

Baby Monitor SCD720/86 from Philips offers numerous features such as charming lullabies, a Night Light to calm your little one. This unit provides total assurance to hear your baby’s sound from any room. High-quality monitor for the quick response and relax your baby from stress or crying is impressive.

Moreover, the device offers a private connection & zero interference with the help of DECT technology. The secure connection will never pick up any noise or sound from other analog devices- like cordless phones and cell phones.

Users can connect their baby to hear crystal clear sound. It is possible to monitor the room temperature and utilize the signal noise levels using the LED lights. Make use of the two-way audio communication feature to speak with your baby from anywhere within the range is incredible.

The device offers good coverage up to a maximum of 1000 feet outside and up to 160 feet inside.

Key Features:

  • Energy-efficiency using Smart ECO mode
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • Range capable up to a maximum of 1000 feet
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Calm your little one with lullabies & Night Light
  • Private connection & zero interference using DECT Technology
  • Connect your baby to hear crystal clear sound


  • Temperature sensor
  • You can soothe your baby with the help of numerous lullabies
  • Powerful rechargeable battery backup up to 18 hours per charge
  • Speak with your baby remotely by using the two-way audio communication feature
  • The connection is private & secure with the help of DECT Technology


  • The video feature is not available

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6. VTech DM1111, Digital Audio Baby Monitor

The VTech DM1111 Sound & Safe Digital Baby monitor is another best and cheapest monitor available across the online marketplace. This basic unit doesn’t have various features as compared to other monitors and is used to just visually monitor the noise level with the 5-LEDs on the parent unit.  The parent unit of the device showcases the sound levels to hear it friendly.

What’s the most attractive feature of the device is it has an enhanced range of around 1,500 feet. It is the best long range audio baby monitor for deaf people.

Moreover, the parent unit includes a belt clip for easy mobilization with hands-free. It is another top-most belt clip baby monitor in the market. The unit works on both A/C electricity and batteries.

Key Features:

  • Belt clip
  • Encrypted signal
  • 5-Volume levels
  • Out-of-range indicator
  • Visual sound indicator
  • DECT 6.0 digital technology


  • Portable
  • Longer range coverage up to 1,500 feet
  • Affording pricing and value for money
  • Good audio quality


  • Occasional interference

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Features To Consider While Buying The Best Long Distance Baby Monitor

These are some essential features to consider when getting a long distance baby monitor. But, the essential factor to think about what baby monitor suits your home and makes parenting easier.

Size of your home

The standard range of a baby monitor is considered between 600 to 1,000 feet. But, the longer range of the baby monitor matters much if your house has a large yard. It should be more than 1000 feet and also capable of covering around 2000 feet.

What’s the best having a more extended range is you can roam across the backyard peacefully while still being connected to your little one without any signal loss.

Type of Monitor (Audio or video or Wi-Fi)

  • Audio vs. Video Monitors

Audio Monitor, undoubtedly, offers the best range as compared to a video monitor. Since you don’t have to be worried about Internet speed or Bluetooth loss, the Audio monitor has a range coverage of up to 2,000 feet that is not possible in the video monitor.

Plus, most of the audio monitor has an alert sensor. If you go out of range, it will alert you. Unlike Video monitors, there is no headache of frozen video.

Although you can’t see the baby in the Audio monitor, if you live in a large house, then it is the perfect choice to go with.

It is inexpensive, and depending on the features, the pricing may vary.

  • Wi-Fi Monitors

A Wi-Fi baby monitor is the best way to cover unlimited range as the range of transmission depends on internet connectivity.

As long as you have a fast internet speed, you will not have to face difficulty in getting the feed.

What’s the best thing is that these baby monitors allow you to download an app on your smartphone through which you can get the real-time video of your baby wherever you are around the globe.


The frequency with which most of the baby monitors work is 2.4 GHz FHSS. It is the most secure frequency. Since the frequency is known as the strength of the monitor, it ensures that you are purchasing the monitor with this frequency range.

Otherwise, disturbance in frequencies may create weird noise through the baby monitor. Other electronic devices like radio, over the air TV signal, and Walkie- Talkies that work on the same frequency might interfere with the signal, and thus there is the possibility of hacking of baby monitor.

Digital or Analog

Both features are essential for the long range of baby monitors. If you can afford and want a secure transmission, you must go with the Digital Monitor that uses DECT technology. It is much more secured than Analog Monitor and is resistant to any kind of interference by other devices.

Out of Range Alarm

Many baby monitors available across the market include the alarm feature. Parents will get an alert if they move out within the desired range.

Battery Life

The long battery life will never restrict you to sit near the power outlet or charge the device every 5 minutes. Before going to bed, ensure that the monitor is charged fully to avoid any noisy alarms because of the battery down.


Baby monitors offer safety and security to parents. Browse and locate the best manufacturing quality that has enough features to use. Moreover, you should never place the baby monitor on the child’s cot or crib. It must be placed at least 3 feet away from your baby’s reach. The camera must be properly positioned so that you can watch the baby clearly.

Security and Privacy

Most of the available long-distance baby monitors include privacy defenders. Identify the best one that offers security & safety concerns to save your child and data. Ensure that you discuss with the buyer or manufacturer about the privacy concern before buying the unit.

What Type Of Baby Monitor Has The Best Range?

The standard range of a baby monitor is from 600 feet to 1,000 feet. However, some of the baby monitors can easily cover the open field with a range of up to 5,000 feet.

Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor is one of the best range baby monitors available across the marketplace. It utilizes the Wi-Fi (wireless) connection to offer unlimited range coverage.

However, a few Audio baby monitors can offer the best range without using Bluetooth connection or internet loss. Some audio monitors can alert the parents while they are out of range. With the help of an internet connection, it is possible to access the worldwide with Wi-Fi (wireless) baby monitor. It can work perfectly up to 50 miles from your location.


Factors Affect The Range of Baby Monitor

Many factors affect the transmission of signals of the baby monitor. Some of them are:

  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Range

A baby monitor with an indoor range will transmit the signal to a maximum distance within the building from your baby’s room. If various walls separate your baby’s room, then the range will be affected.

The indoor range of a baby monitor is affected by various factors such as the thickness of the wall or number of walls, any obstacles, electronic devices, and the distance to be covered.

Whereas, the outdoor range is the distance between the baby monitor unit and the parent unit with no obstructions at all, like an empty football field.

Without any obstacles, the signal in outdoor can travel in a straight line (with no loss of signal) between both units.

Always remember, don’t trust the baby monitor manufacturer’s listed range blindly as it has experimented in an open field and not indoor.

The actual range could be less when compared with the open field range. Read the customer reviews on the unit to get real range information.

  • Walls and Furniture

The range might be easily reduced between the baby & parent units by various obstructions like furniture, ceilings, or walls. Insulation within the floors & walls may also reduce the range.

Some walls may restrict & disrupt the baby monitor range like thick timber walls, masonry, or concrete. For thick stoned walls, ensure that you are choosing the best highest possible range monitor to use.

  • Electronics

Many electronic devices within your home will easily disrupt each other. It is known as Electrosmog. Most of the Analog baby monitors will get affected by this. It can easily disturb the sound while trying to warm up any items in the microwave.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average range of a baby monitor?

Generally, any standard baby monitor has a good range from 600 feet up to a maximum of 1,000 feet.

2. How can i increase the range of my baby monitor?

Currently, it is not possible to increase your baby monitor range or signal. It is already preset by the manufacturer and no option to adjust it.

However, you can easily reduce the disturbance by avoiding the utilization of other devices with 2.4 GHz frequency range.

3. How safe is a Long-Range Baby Monitor?

Baby monitors are always safe and need to consider other safety & health recommendations. Most of them will also have various other devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies. It will exceed the radiation limit and safeguard your child.

4. What does “Open Field Range” mean?

The Open Field Range in the baby monitor is the distance between your monitor and your baby unit without any obstructions. Even a test is done without any obstacles within the parent unit and the transmitter.

5. Why is Indoor Range more critical?

Ensure that the monitor coverage range printed on the manual is not the same to offer within your home. The displayed range will be lesser when compared to the open field range.

Each house has numerous differences, like wiring, electronic devices, doors, or walls. It could be a unique barrier and conflict with your unit’s signal.

Wrapping Up

The long-range feature of a baby monitor is an essential factor that should never be neglected before buying it.

Since a baby monitor having a lower range is of no use. It stops working as soon as you are out of its range, and you can’t take the risk of your little one at any cost.

However, long range baby monitors assist the parents in working with more confidence. Even though they are far away from their baby, the device helps them to be connected with their little one anytime and reach in time when required.

So, our top choice among the baby monitor with best range is, unarguably, Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor having unlimited range coverage and unparalleled features. It is the second pair of eyes to keep tabs on your baby.

Do let me know if you have any best choice or any advice in your mind. I will be happy to help you.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you in selecting the best baby monitor for long range. Kindly share it with your friends, family, and other networks.

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