Baby Carrier Buying Guide

Select Perfect Baby Carrier for Your Little One

A perfect baby carrier is a profitable investment. The baby carrier is the specific piece of baby gear, which allows you to carry your baby conveniently. It helps you to enjoy the journey by making your job more accessible and comfortable. A baby carrier will enable you to keep your baby close, comfy, safe, and supported all the time. We know selecting a baby carrier is not easy, So here in this article Baby Carrier Buying Guide, we are going to tell how you can choose the perfect baby carrier for your little one which will provide you the comfort and ability to carry your baby easily.

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Carrier for Newborns vs. Toddlers

  • Newborns

The baby carrier for a newborn baby are specially designed as the requirement and comfort of a newborn baby. They have comfortable and stable neck support. They are ready for your child when they are born without any extra infant insert.

  • Toddlers

You can carry your baby in various position when you are using the baby carrier, which is made for toddlers. Toddlers baby carrier can also be used for a newborn baby, but for that you need to insert one infant.

Different Types of Baby Carriers

1. Sling / Pouch Sling

Slings are the perfect type of baby carrier for comfort. It is nothing but the pure cotton or linen fabric which is only shaped as the loop. You need to wear this from one shoulder to opposite hip. It allows basically two ergonomic positions to carry your baby- Hip carry (most comfortable), as well as Facing-in (best for newborns). This type of baby carrier is perfect for taking your baby with you all the time comfortably. Slings are the choice of lots of parents because it is straightforward to use and inexpensive. It works very similar to Ring Slings but here you don’t have any rings which allow you to adjust its length as your baby grows.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of  Pouch Sling.


  • Easy to use and inexpensive
  • Offers comfortable breastfeeding
  • Secure by being so close to you


  • Can’t adjust its size
  • Only two ergonomic positions
  • Not good for wearer who have back pain
  • Hard to share between different body types

2. Ring Sling

As like the Wrap is, it is also a long piece of fabric which is usually about 2 meters long, Ring Sling will create a pouch a comfortable pouch for your little one from one shoulder to the opposite hip. To fasten it, you need to thread the free end through one ring and then tuck it using another ring. Ring Sling will give you the independence to wear your baby in front of you or on your hip.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Ring Sling.


  • Suitable for breastfeeding
  • Suitable for newborns
  • More adjustability
  • Great for beginners
  • Decrease the risk of hip dysplasia


  • Doesn’t offer back carry
  • Not suitable for heavier children
  • Baby hood is unavailable
  • Limited carrying positions
  • Not suitable for parents with back or shoulder pain
  • Less supportive as the weight of baby isn’t evenly distributed

3. Wrap

The Wrap is the traditional type of baby carrier, as like the Slings, is very simple to use. There are multiple types of Wrap in the market, some of them are long, and some of them are very short. The wrap is nothing but just a long piece of fabric which you need to wrap around your body and your baby.
At the time of buying a baby carrier remember one thing, You should go with the more extended one. Almost all the Wrap is made from Cotton knit, Cotton wool, linen, gauze, or other fabric. It is suitable for newborns, infants and toddlers.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Wrap baby carrier.


  • One Size Fits All
  • Comfortable and discreet
  • Enhance Your Bonding
  • Promotes healthy hip development
  • Breastfeeding Nursing Cover in public
  • Cling perfectly to the contours of your baby
  • Different ergonomic ways to wear baby


  • Baby hood isn’t available
  • Little complicated to setup.
  • No lumbar support
  • Not good if you are in a hurry
  • Not suitable for older and heavier children

4. Soft Structured Carrier

Soft Structured Carrier is also known as Buckle Carrier. Most of the parents prefer to use this baby carrier. Soft-structured baby carriers are adjustable will provide you more comfort and ergonomic fit. It comes with padded shoulder straps and thick padded waistbands which you need to fasten at the time of carrying the child. Buckle Carrier will distribute your baby’s weight evenly across the caregivers body. It is known as the best baby carrier during summer because of its unparalleled feature lightweight and breathable mesh fabric.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of Soft Structured Baby Carriers.


  • Breathable Mesh Fabric
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Ergonomic and healthy position
  • Comfortable Padded Back Straps
  • Versatile with different carrying positions
  • Available in wide variety of styles and colors
  • Offers more comfortable breastfeeding


  • More expensive than Wraps or Ring slings
  • Might not suitable for babies with unusual body shapes
  • It might not cling to your newborns perfectly
  • Buckles and clips can rub into your skin, causing irritating and uncomfortable

5. Backpack Carriers

As in the name, Backpack Carriers are like the bag, but you can’t use the baby carrier with the newborn baby. It is only for who can sit unassisted and have reasonable neck control.

Your little one will get the comfortable carrying positions all the time, and because of its padded shoulder straps you will also feel satisfied with it. When you fasten around your waist and chest, you won’t face any irritation. It is specially designed for hiking, walking in the woods,when shopping etc for longer period. It’s not only more secured and comfortable, but also helps to evenly distribute the weight of the baby. It is the best baby carrier for travel.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Backpack Carriers.


  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Best for hiking and long walks etc.
  • Perfect for curious children
  • Adjustable padded child seat
  • Easily removed or folded back
  • Have multiple pockets for diapers and other necessities


  • Not suitable for newborn baby
  • Heavier and bigger than other baby carriers
  • Not very convenient to carry for a long trip
  • The most expensive of all the baby carriers

6. Meh Dai (Mei Tai) Carrier

Meh Dai Carrier is the combination and comfort of both Wrap and Buckle carrier; It looks very similar to the Soft Structured Carrier. Meh Dai Carrier is nothing but the long piece of fabric which you need to tie appropriately with the help of two shoulder straps and two straps which you need to tie around your baby. So instead of buckles, we have ties here. You can wear Meh Dai Carrier on your front, back or hip.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Meh Dai Carrier.


  • Highly adjustable
  • Lumbar support
  • The buckle-free, wrap and tie design
  • Detachable hood for sun protection and sleepy time
  • Available different carrying positions


  • Doesn’t have head support
  • You need to learn to tie knots properly
  • It may be time consuming

Six Different Baby Carrying Positions

  • Cradle Carry

Cradle Carry isn’t so comfortable. The parents don’t widely prefer it. In this carrying position, you place your baby in laying down location inside the baby carrier. This baby carrier is perfect for breastfeeding your newborn. It isn’t highly recommended by doctors because there is a risk of causing Hip Dysplasia or Asphyxiation to the baby if you use it for a long time uncomfortably inside the carrier. In this type of carrying position, the baby may be in a fully reclined or semi-reclined positions. We won’t recommend you to prefer this type of carrier position.

  • Reverse Cradle Carry

Reverse Cradle Carry is almost the same as the Cradle position. This type of position is perfect when you are holding your baby in your hand, but when it comes to the baby carrier, it isn’t so comfortable. Reverse Cradle Carry is only perfect for breastfeeding. Any doctor or any expert don’t recommend both the above Cradle Carry & Reverse Cradle Carry because they aren’t comfort at all. There is a risk of causing Hip Dysplasia or Asphyxiation to the baby if you use it for a long time uncomfortably.

  • Front Carry

Front Carry position is always recommended by most of the doctors for newborn babies and heavy babies. There are two types of Front Carry position: Facing-in Position & Facing-out Position. Both the type of position offer lumbar support and provide the best weight distribution. Some of the flagships babies carrier manufacture provide a unique two-piece design which allows the parents to transfer their little one from the carrier to crib without disturbing their sleep. Front Carry is so comfortable and adjustable, the straps of this carrier allow all the adjustments to be made from the front conveniently. Now let’s understand the two different types of Front Carry position.

A. Facing-in Position

The Facing-in Position is mostly used for the newborns baby because it provides them the comfortable neck support. This is the perfect position for any baby until they are of 4 months old. The approximate distance between your face and your baby’s face is 8 to 10 inch when you use this carrying position, and the baby vision is limited to 8-10 inches, in the first few months. The facing-in position is also perfect for breastfeeding, it will provide comfortable neck support and cuddling up to parents makes the baby feel more secure.

B. Facing-out position

The Facing-out Position is perfect for the one-year-old baby; it allows them to see the world with their eyes, explore their surroundings, and interact with others. The Facing-out Position is also known as Kangaroo carry position.

Almost all doctors widely recommend the Facing-out Position. There is no disadvantage of this carrying position until your baby is comfortable in it. Most of the cheap baby carrier will allow you to carry your baby in this position. We also recommend this position because it is convenient for both parents and their little one.

  • Hip Carry

Hip Carry positions can be used, and perfect for the babies from 5 months old or more than it. This carry position allows you to carry your baby in the natural carrying position comfortably. It is comfortable for both babies and parents because Hip Carry position allows to distribute the weight of baby evenly while your hands free. It also allows the wearer and the baby to have face-to-face contact. In the hip carry position, the wide waist belt and the shoulder straps don’t have any deter arm movement. Lots of doctors recommend Hip Carry position.

  • Back Carry

Back Carry position is widely used by the parents. Backpack baby carrier allows you to carry your little one in the Back carry position. This position is perfect and comfortable for both baby and parents. Although this carrying position is not recommended for the newborn or infant, it is for who have to gain head-neck balance.

In simple word, the high back position is more suited for children who are old enough to sit independently behind your back. Back Carry position is very comfortable. We always recommended you to use this type of baby carrying position.

What it’s going to cost you?

When it comes to baby, the cost doesn’t matter, Baby carriers are made for comfort, the baby carrier which provides all the necessary features and convenience such as highest safety standard, sturdy, durable, long-lasting carrier, easy to nurse in a carrier, hip healthy, comfortable for you & your baby, removable Teddy Bear Hood Extra-Plush, adjustable shoulder straps, Hoodie-Inspired Pock, wide waist belt for Lumbar support, adjustable shoulder straps & all the other necessary feature will cost in between $20 to $70 generally depending upon the quality, types, and comfort of the carrier.

Which Baby Carrier would suit your child?

As I tell you before, different types of Baby Carrier are made for different needs.

  • Backpack Baby Carriers

Backpack baby carrier is perfect for you if you are buying it for travel. These type of baby carriers are not ideal for newborn baby; If you have a toddler, then you can go with it. Backpack Baby Carriers are one type pre-made structured framework that allows your baby to sit in chair position on your back.

  • Buckle Carrier

Buckle Carriers are very easy to use; lots of parents across the globe widely use this type of baby carrier. Soft-structured carriers are incredibly comfortable & ideal for summer. Almost all the Soft-structured carriers are designed with lightweight, breathable material.

  • Wrap, Slings & Ring Sling

These types of baby carrier is widely used for the newborn baby. All these types of carriers create a pouch for the baby, which comes from one shoulder to the opposite hip. It will give you the freedom to wear your baby in front of you or on your hip. Wrap, Slings & Ring Sling are perfect and comfortable for newborn babies.

What to look for when buying?

  • Available Positions

For more information about the different carrying position read out the above section. Different types of baby carrier provide you the convenience to bring your child in 6 different positions such as Front inward, Front outward, Single strap carrier, Hip seat, and Back carry. It doesn’t make sense to go with one which allows you to carry the child in only one position.

  • Types of Materials & Baby Carrier

Different type of baby carrier is made for different needs with different kind of materials. At the time of buying the baby carrier, you should look at the fabric. If the material of your carrier is not skin-friendly, then this will not be safe for your little one. You should go with one which is made from 100% skin warm fabric.

  • Should Be Comfortable

Level of comfort should be on a top when it comes to the baby. The convenience of your baby matters, so when you are purchasing a baby carrier, then always go with one which has features as mentioned earlier.

While buying a baby carrier, you should go with one which offers padded back, padded strips and comfortable natural hip position.

  • Should Be Adjustable

We all know, different parents are of different size, some are of short height, some are plus size. If your baby carrier is fully adjustable, then you can adjust it according to your comfort. Remember one thing, always go with one which has flexible shoulder straps, hip pad, the height of seating, and allows you to carry the baby in different positions.

  • Easy To Use

Wrap, Slings & Ring Sling take time to configure, but the Backpack carrier and Structured carrier are different, they have the pre-made structure, You need to place the baby in. It doesn’t make sense to go with those type of carrier which takes lots of time to configure. You should go with one which is ready to use at any time.

  • Purpose

First, understand why you need a baby carrier whether it is only for home or you want to use on your trips, then select a perfect one according to your needs. Different types of baby carrier are made for various requirements such as Backpack baby carrier is not for home. It is perfect craft for travel.

  • Air Circulation

Wrap, Slings & Ring Sling are made from the fabric which allows air to pass through, but when it comes to Backpack baby carrier, you should look at the air circulation. When you are traveling to a hot location,both parent and baby, feel exhausted and sweaty. While selecting a baby carrier, you should go with one which allows you max airflow and breath-ability.

These are some features which you must look at the time of buying a baby carrier for yourself.


We know selecting a baby carrier is not easy and we hope this guide helps you with your purchase. However, if you still face any problem in selecting a baby carrier then for your convenience, we have detailed unbiased reviews on best infant carrier for plus size momsummer baby carrier as well as baby travel carrier backpack. Explore our blog for more information.